Lisensfri has sealed over 2.000 TVs the last year which means we as a company have been in contact with nearly 2.000 customers, in 2.000 homes and offices, with 2.000 reasons to get their TVs sealed.

There is only one reason to seal a TV – avoid having to pay the fee to the NRK. By modifying an input on the TV, the device is no longer able to receive unencrypted signals from the NRK. This means that as long as one does not own any other devices due for the fee, one has become Lisensfri – free from the license.

The main reason for our customers to get their TVs sealed is that they no longer are using traditional ways of watching TV. Some are not watching TV at all, reserving the screen for their PlayStation. Others are using one of the many new ways of bringing their favorite channels to the screen.

We at Lisensfri have always been dedicated to make this process as easy as possible for our customers. This is the single reason why we are the world biggest company sealing

The dates for each period is January 1st and July 1st.

See our departments for pricing.

yes, we do.

some of our departments have shops.

Yes, our technicians accept card payments.

The sealing takes about 15 minutes.

Yes, we will forward the documentation to you by email.

We are always working to open new locations. Keep checking our website. Or contact us, and we will try to find a solution

Our system only allows for booking 14 days in advance. We are usually opening more slots if our calendar gets full.

Contact NRK.

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